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The company "Albesan-Lux SRL" during some years produces finishing work from wood. The company works with Russian wood, that is of a great quality. About the quality of the Russian wood, about the technology of work in the company and about other things told us the director of the company "Albesan-Lux SRL".


- Alexander, tell us about the main services, that offers your company?

- Our firm is busy with the fabrication of products from natural wood, and namely, with the fabrication of the finishing works. As well, we produce finishing works of different character, in dependence of the client’s withes. Herewith, we do not delimit the large and small purchase orders. All of them are executed qualitative and in time.


- How do you rule the work in your company?

- The thing is that, we collaborate with big shops, where we continually deliver our produces. What about private orders, that in this case we fabricate the produces after the agreement with the client. Correspondingly, it is unknown, how many materials there are going to be used for the elaboration of this produce. We coordinate all the elements with the clients and elaborate the ordered thing. As well each of the orders is elaborated very thoroughly and, what is characteristic for our firm, we do not use to take prepayment. The payment is done just when the produce is ready and accepted by the client. In the case, if the client does not agree the produced thing, he has the right to refuse the product or to change it. Although we didn’t have such cases during our work experience.


- What kind of materials do you use?

- All our products are manufactured from Russian wood. As well, we work with the glued board. In general, Russian wood is very specific. It is necessary to make a preliminary arrangement and drying of the wood to make it been of use for a long period. The wood’s moisture must consist of 8-10%. It is the percent of moisture, with such percentage the wood can be stored in good condition for a long time. In reality, it is very important that, our products are manufactured from dry wood. And namely, because of it we are sure in the quality and long serving of our products.


- Tell about the technology of the company…

- Our company works with special technology. There are necessary operations that, the wood has to pass. It is measured the moisture of the wood, equal with 8-10%, after the board is cut into pieces of necessary size, after the pieces are squared and bucked into half-finished products. After, the half-finished products are divided into types of products and put into the apparatus, called shifting gage, with the aim to produce them of necessary sizes. Next, the materials are machined with another machine, for painting the corresponding picture on it and for given to it the necessary form. At the end of all the processes, the products are classified by categories (I and II category of quality), packed and stored. After all the enumerated by me processes, we fabricate the finishing work.


- What kind of finished products are ordered more often?

- Well, orders are of different kinds. From floor molding and handrail till dog houses. The machining can be also of different kind. We can cases, when a man ordered a finishing for an iron door. We prepared the door in such a way, that in was hard to be distinguished by the iron. The client, of course, was satisfied. It is just an example of, on what we put accent, first of all, on quality. And our products are demanded. And this is the more important thing in business.


- What kind of problems did your company have?

- The main problem is- the concurrence. Sad, but last time, people began to install in the house products made not from wood but from plastic material. But, maybe it is, more economic, but the wooden things have a lot of priorities in compares with the plastic ones. Wood-is a natural material, so, it is not bad for man’s health. It is very important. One more priority is- that it is possible to create all the things that the client wishes, from it. The plastic material does not have such a possibility. I hope, that soon people will change their behavior toward the house, and will record not just the financial situation.



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