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Technology of production

In the process of manufacturing unedged lumber the following operations are performed:

  1. The humidity of the board is measured, equaling to 8-10%
  2. The board is cut into pieces of proper dimensions
  3. Pieces of board are subjected to edging and cut into half-finished articles

The half-finished articles are divided into product types and inserted into a device called marking gage to be brought to the suitable size. Afterwards, the articles are processed by another equipment applying the corresponding design on them and bringing them to proper shape. After the completion of all these processes, the products are divided into categories (first and second quality class), packed and deposited.


New products in the catalog, category "Beam"
In our catalog of products you can see a new range of beam, of various sizes and all are treated with abrasive materials.
New product in the catalog: "Railings"
In our catalog you can see a new product "Railings".

Recent product

Frame A
Price: 21.60 lei/m



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